Eastern Minds Alike

the story behind the scene…



Hello, my name is Christine Cai, I’m a designer, programmer, and an educator at heart. My mission of being an educator is to optimize the human potential and help people to achieve at their bests. I believe that everyone has a superpower within them and all we need to do is just to let it out.

I trust that every human being living in this world has his or her own mission to be fulfilled, and my task, as an educator, is to discover the best of them and help to amplify those human potentials.




In the past 18 years growing up in China, 7 years studying abroad by myself in the US, I was privileged to have different cultural exposures, which have helped me to develop a critical eye towards different cultures.

In the past few years living abroad, I’ve heard too many different voices, misunderstandings among people of different cultures. I wish to be a cultural ambassador and to help bridge the existing cultural gaps and hope that more people would be empathetic and respectful towards other cultures.

Our goal is to provide a platform for those great talents who are passionate about culture and technology to redefine and resurrect the “ancient culture” that has been almost forgotten and let more people experience culture differently and be benefited from it

I view culture as the root that defines a person, a company and a nation. While technology is the “tool” and the “conduit” to make the value relevant to people living at different time.

Without the “root”, “technology” would not be able to prove its own value; with the empowerment of technology, the same set of “value” gets to be redefined and providing brand new experiences to help people evolving to be better human beings.

Mission and Vision

What Have Been Done?

Eastern Minds Alike is a project I launched in January, 2019, in the hope of integrating Eastern Culture seamlessly to the west in a way that people could understand. I started making different videos on Ancient Chinese Culture on YouTube, organizing offline Meetup events at Manhattan New York, and using social media as a tool to reach out to more people. My purpose initially was trying to educate people about the values of Ancient Chinese Philosophies to achieve inner well-being.

Learning from those Ancient Sages such as Confucius, Laozi, Zhungzi, Sunzi, etc. has made me a happy and satisfying human-being and I want to share what works and comes intuitively to me with the rest of the world, and make the world a little better than it is. 

What’s More to Be Expected?

Despite all what I’ve done, there’s always one voice that’s been echoing in my head — as someone with a technical background while having a deep passion for culture and diversity, what can I do to leverage technology into this project and presenting all those great cultural treasures to the world in an innovative way.

This was the time I realize that there’s only so much I could do myself and it is time to acquire more talents to join me in this journey, and together to further this mission — redefining what CULTURE is, enhanced and empowered by technology. And this is all this platform is about, it’s not just about me, but it’s about everyone else who’s passionate about technology and culture, and who’s eager to let your voice to be heard from a larger group of audiences.

We are here together to collect voices, talents, and projects together, to create a place where people can find the charm of this 5000-year Ancient Culture in a unprecedented way. You will be able to see how do us, the digital immigrates and digital natives alike, presenting Chinese Culture differently. 

文化是一个“根基”,是“充实”一个人、一个民族的“内容”,而科技是“工具”和“通道”,它让“文化”有了“创新”的可能性。 没有“内容”的支撑,科技的存在或许毫无意义。
Nurturing a better inner world Through Ancient Chinese philosophies